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Continuing Education Information for LADCs

Subd. 4. LADC Continuing Education Standards for approval as set by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy:

In order to obtain clock hour credit for a continuing education activity, the activity must:

  1. constitute an organized program of learning;
  2. reasonably be expected to advance the knowledge and skills of the alcohol and drug counselor;
  3. pertain to subjects that directly relate to the practice of alcohol and drug counseling and the core functions of an alcohol and drug counselor, or the Rules of Professional Conduct in Minnesota Rules, part 4747.1400;
  4. be conducted by individuals who have education, training, and experience and are knowledgeable about the subject matter; and
  5. be presented by a sponsor who has a system to verify participation and maintains attendance records for three years, unless the sponsor provides dated evidence to each participant with the number of clock hours awarded.

Reporting Continuing Education Hours

For the first renewal period: No continuing education hours are required.

For the second renewal period: This is your first report, and you are required to obtain and report 40 hours. You may include cultural diversity hours in the 40 CE hours.


For the third renewal period: This is your second reporting period, and you are required to obtain and report 40 hours, including completion of all cultural diversity hours. Of the 40 hours, you must report 18 hours of cultural diversity training by this renewal. You may report all 18 hours of cultural diversity training in the first reporting period or all in the second reporting period or a combination of the two.


For the remainder of renewals after the third renewal period, you must report a total of 40 hours, and of the 40 hours 6 must be in ethics (rules of professional conduct) and 6 must be in cultural diversity. 


Cultural diversity requirements: The minimum that must be met by the third renewal period is 18 hours. The 18 hours can be all in one area or any combination of the seven areas totaling 18 hours. There are seven areas of cultural diversity:


African American

Asian American


Deaf & Hard of Hearing


Native American

*Identified Populations (Effective 08/01/04)

*Continuing education hours about Identified Population Groups include gaining knowledge of issues in substance use disorders as they particularly relate to:

  1. Men;
  2. Women;
  3. Adolescents;
  4. Elderly persons; and
  5. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender persons.   

Required reporting information: It is essential that you keep complete and accurate records. Do not send verification of attendance, certificates of attendance, or any records to the BBHT office unless requested by the board for auditing purposes!
When you report, you will be required to provide the following information:

  1. The title and description of the continuing education activity;
  2. The sponsoring organizations, including the name(s) of presenters;
  3. The location and date(s) of attendance;
  4. The number of clock hours earned; and
  5. A signed, dated, and notarized statement that the information is true and correct.
  6. Write legibly.
Please note that you may only report 12 hours of ‘in-service’ continuing education hours in a reporting period. Per Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4747.1100, subpart 5.c, a licensee may earn a maximum of 12 clock hours per reporting period through in-services offered by an employer at the licensee's place of employment. In-service is defined as an activity sponsored by a licensee's employer and presented by a staff member of the licensee's employer that takes place at the licensee's place of employment.
If you will not be able to complete the 40 required continuing education hours by your due date, you may want to consider requesting a variance. The request form and instructions can be found on the left pane under Variance Request Form.

If you have any questions about the LADC continuing education requirements, please contact Mark Groves.

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