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                              MINNESOTA COMMUNITY

Thank you for visiting MCCA. Please take a moment to explore the various dimensions of our site. We offer monthly education and training workshops; an assortment of special events; news, information and announcements. If you have an event or announcement you would like us to place on our News or Events pages, please forward it to Mark Groves.



- Offers high quality, affordable education and training opportunities.

- Partners with other organizations and the community.

- Communicates with our members on issues affecting community corrections.

- Facilitate interactive forums for innovations that enhance community corrections.


MCCA membership benefits include:

- Free monthly education & training workshops.

- Subscription to quarterly Happenings newsletter.

- Networking opportunities.

- Early notice of Annual Motorcycle Run and Golf Tournament.

- MCCA Committee involvement.

CONTACT: Dani Harrington


Minnesota Community Corrections Association is a non-profit community organization. 

Our mailing address is 1931 West Broadway Minneapolis, MN 55411.